Let your money work for you don't work for the money-
Easy to say, but how?

2019 in September I started to ask myself the question how could I let my money work for me. That's when I started to interest me for cryptocurrency in general. When searching the web about useful information how to make profits with crypto a lot of people tell you about trading. I found out that while done right, you can make crazy profits - buying/selling at the wrong time on the other hand can result in bad situations too.

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Since back in 2019 I tried trading with bots and trading myself and made also some minor profits until that one bad trade came up and “locked” a big part of my funds.
“Locking them up” means I bought too high because I was sure the coin would rise, according to my analysis when in reality it did not 🙂

All that waiting got me thinking about some interesting products I saw on some exchange platforms and I was wishing I just put my funds in there instead and get like a 12% analyzed return instead of nothing or minus.
That’s what got me started to switch my strategy to buy and hold – and lock my funds in stacking/saving products.
I started to look for some easier and safer ways to multiply my hard-earned money with less risk involved.
And that’s what this blog is all about!

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Check out the blog to stay update on the latest. 

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